WELCOME TO 3 little HAWGs Custom Flight Panel & PCB Creation

We are flight simulation enthusiasts, with a variety of backgrounds/skillsets that has allowed us to create custom flight panels & PCBs to suit, as well as user friendly input output cards for DIY switch panels, button boxes or complete joysticks/throttles/collectives/pedals

Layered Panel construction

Platforms : Digital Combat Simulator

DCS is our primary simulation, & along with the multitude of utilities that accompany it, primarily DCS-BIOS


With DCS-BIOS, you can build your own control panels and connect them to DCS: World.
Basically this contains 3 steps;

  1. Determine / order whatever buttons, switches, rotary encoders, displays and LEDs you need for your project.
  2. Mount all of those to a front plate, in this case we have created custom flight panels to accommodate each type & size of switch & placed as close to 1:1 accuracy as possible.
  3. Electrically connect your components to an microcontroller board and program that microcontroller board to talk to DCS-BIOS. Our customised PCBs provide simplification of this process by providing shields & or complete boards.
DCS-BIOS panel framework


The Flight Panels fork of the DCS-BIOS github is required. Originally a fork created to support Saitek/Logitech Flight Panel hardware in DCS, it now appears to be one of the few variants still being supported with any regularity to contain current / newly released modules & features.