FreeJoy basic


The ‘Basic Freejoy board’ shares many of the features of the ‘Modular Freejoy board’ but comes in the same footprint as the crosswind pedals controller card.

This allows customers to utilised the basic freejoy board to replace a failed crosswind controller card by removing the attached Shift Register (SR) sub-board to fit & enjoy the simplicity of configuring their board with the freejoy configurator software.

The Basic Freejoy board features include:

* STM32F103C8T6 MCU for higher performance/feature set than a typical arduino card
* Similar to STM BluePill but with hardened voltage regulator, USB fuse and geared in favour of DIY use
* 32 bit Arm Cortex M3 CPU
* 72 MHz (better-er)
* 3.3VDC operation including regulator with short circuit & over current protection
* 8x Analogue axis inputs
* 2x Shift Register sub-board offering 16 inputs for buttons on a DIY controller (switch panel, joystick, throttle, collective or pedals).
* sub-board allows of daisy chaining additional SR boards for additional button inputs