FreeJoy STM 32 Board

FreeJoy Shift Register board

(DIY  custom switch panel / Joystick / Throttle / Pedals – made easy! )

The Freejoy board can be utilised to provide multiple axis (either analogue or digital) as well as multiple button/switch inputs, making it ideal for an all in one DIY (USB) joystick input device.

Combined with SR daughter board inside joystick grip to maximise buttons & minimise wire travel.

FreeJoy Shift Register daughter board

The advantage of utilsing the Shift Register daughterboard is up to 16 individual inputs can be connected to the daughterboard, but only 5 wires need to be run from the daughterboard back to the FreeJoy shield board.

Additionally multiple daughterboards can be daisy-chained together if you require more than 16 inputs .

FreeJoy Shift Register daughter board utilised inside a DIY joystick grip

The axis control inputs can also be configured on the Freejoy board, utilising either Analogue Potentiometers or Digital Halls Effect Sensors such as a TLE5010.