The majority of fabrication is performed if my very limited space double garage…. & basically has to be unpacked into my driveway for me to achieve any meaningful progress.

Everything is on wheels & the locals all get a good laugh watching me from the local playground across the road as I pull apart & put my garage back together everytime I need to do some work on a project.

The key piece of my workshop is my modular 6 station fliptop workbench

Putting it away at the end of the day… everything is on wheels so – it’s a big game of tetris…

Left to Right

  1. Tool caddy on the left, top of lumber cart just visible behind it.
  2. Off-cut bins on a trolley, with the folding table saw behind that
  3. the garden tool trolley

Behind all of which is the bench, beside the bench behind the garden tools is the laser cutter,& behind the bench in the bowels… is the CNC router & my DIY dust collection unit.